Welcome to the Lake Mergozzo

In the small hamlet of Mergozzo, the ancient, historical and cultural traditions have remained untouched. Rich in scenic beauty and overlooking the crystal clear waters of the lake , it's a lovely and charming venue.
Located in the heart of Verbania and the geographical location of the place it in the center of Europe, just five minutes drive from the motorway, and one hour away from Milan and Switzerland, and little over  an hour from Malpensa International airport. It's surrounded by scenic beauty; such as the Borromeo Islands, the Botanical Gardens of Villa Taranto on Lake Maggiore ; Lake Ortra nad the island of San Giulio ; the Monte Rosa , the Toce waterfall, the Val Grande National Park , and Spas of Premia and Bognanco. All around abundant wildlife ,culture and history which awaits you to be discovered, food and wine to savor and enjoy.

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